School Author Visits

Three assembly-style sessions – about 45 minutes each for k-1, 2-3, and/or 4-6.  Large group assemblies are
fast-paced and upbeat.  As a former teacher with 22 years experience, Ms. Mariconda has a strong grasp of how
to manage large groups of children in positive ways, making for a rewarding experience for all involved.

Sessions will cover, in developmentally appropriate ways:
   •  How she became an author
   •  Where story ideas come from
   •  Where and how she writes – a video tour of her writing routine
   •  Powerpoint slides of the steps in the publishing process – a draft, a manuscript, artist’s sketches, etc.
   •  Q and A



Book Signing will follow.  Preorder forms are available.
Smaller individual classroom sessions can also be scheduled.

Additionally, Ms. Mariconda will spend an hour consulting with administration and teachers about writing instruction in their school, and  model writing lessons in a classroom of your choice.


Cost:  The honorarium is $750 per day plus travel expenses.


Ask about Virtual Visits and Webinars - live webinars are also available

Author Residencies – A master teacher of writing, with extensive experience at all grade levels, and as a provider of professional development for teachers, Ms. Mariconda can spend one – five days providing in-class modeling and powerful guided practice with children.  She will discuss the specific skills that writers need and provide opportunities for children to apply these skills in developmentally appropriate ways.  Her proven methodology is research-based, and data-driven.  For more information go to

Modeled classroom sessions can be videotaped and used for professional development purposes.  She will also debrief with teachers so that they can build on the work she did with students.